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Protect your website, brand, and customers with our advanced AI scanning technology, providing you with daily reports and peace of mind against cyber threats.


OpenAI GTP3-based Web Scanner

Our system scans all the files on your website every day, comparing them to the previous day's version, and alerts you to any new, changed, or suspicious files. You'll receive a daily report via email, giving you peace of mind knowing that your website is secure.


Benefits you can expect

Introducing our website security solution, featuring advanced scanning to protect your site and business from cyber threats with daily email reports for peace of mind - sign up now!

Free Webinars

Protect your website with our free webinar - expert advice to keep your business safe from cyber threats.

100% Free

Our service is 100% free with no hidden costs - and CMS compatible such as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce...

Consulting Sessions

In addition to our free webinar, sign up for a complimentary website security consultation to keep your business safe.

Email & SMS Alert

Stay informed with our website safety SMS alerts - sign up now and keep your business secure. (coming soon)

Reporting Services

Get daily website safety reports - sign up now for our free service and keep your business secure.

Security Auditing

If your website is hacked, we'll perform a free security audit - sign up now to keep your business safe.

Revolutionize Website Security

PIMDNA is a security service that protects your website by constantly monitoring it for any changes or suspicious activity. The service works by generating MD5 checksums for all the files on your website and comparing them on a daily basis to detect any additions, deletions, or modifications.

By using PIMDNA, you can identify any potential security issues and take action before they become a problem. PIMDNA also goes a step further by analyzing any newly added or modified files for any suspicious code, giving you an additional layer of protection against potential threats.

One of the key benefits of PIMDNA is that you don't have to manually check your website every day. Instead, you will receive a daily summary email that details any changes or suspicious activity detected, so you can stay informed and take action as needed.

Plans for all levels

PIMDNA offers two types of offers to ensure your website is secure 24/7. Our Freemium offer provides a weekly scanner, OpenAI GPT-3 technology, and a report - all free of charge.

Our Premium offer includes everything in the Freemium offer and adds a daily scan, a detailed report with a list of files and recommendations. Choose the offer that suits your needs best and stay one step ahead of potential threats with PIMDNA.


Keep Your Website Secure with PIMDNA's Free Weekly Scanner and OpenAI GPT-3 Technology.

Get PIMDNA's cutting-edge technology for website security completely free of charge. With the Freemium offer, you get a weekly scan of your website, OpenAI GPT-3 technology and a report that details any suspicious activity on your website. Stay one step ahead of potential threats with PIMDNA's Freemium offer.

  • Weekly Comparison of Files and Versions
  • Suspicious files detection
  • OpenAI GPT 3 technology
  • Weekly Report by Email
  • CMS compatible (WordPress,...)
  • Non Intrusive Script
  • Free webinars & consultation


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PIMDNA Premium

Get Full Website Security with PIMDNA's Daily Scan and Comprehensive Report.

Protect your website like never before with PIMDNA's Premium offer. In addition to the weekly scanner and OpenAI GPT-3 technology, you'll also receive a daily scan of your website and a comprehensive report with details of all files modified, added or deleted on your website. With PIMDNA's Premium offer, you can ensure that your website is fully protected 24/7.

  • Daily Comparison of Files and Versions
  • Suspicious files detection
  • OpenAI GPT 3 technology
  • Daily Scan & Report by Email & Google ChatBot
  • SMS Alert (coming soon)
  • Detailed report with recommendations on files
  • No commitment

$1 /month per website

What our clients say

Thousands of happy clients are glad they chose our services.

"PIMDNA's security system gave us peace of mind knowing that our site was always protected from cyber threats"

Ronald Costello

Beacon Tennis Equipment

"Thanks to the advanced scanning technology, our website is now more secure than ever - Good Job !"

Kathy Vega


"PIMDNA's cutting-edge software has made it easy for us to identify and eliminate cyber threats."

Debbi Martin

Luv Boutique

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